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What WorldClimate Is gathers in one place a worldwide range of climate data in an easy-to-use form. Climate data are historical weather averages, showing what the weather was typically like each month, averaged over a range of years. is designed for a general audience, for schools, families, travelers and others interested in the general historical weather patterns around their area and around the world.

What WorldClimate Is Not

This is not a weather site. It has no information on the actual weather on a given day or month. It does not contain weather forecasts or reports.

The data here is not suitable for professional or research use, and should not be used for such purposes. Please read the disclaimer.

Where The Data Comes From

The data on this site comes from public domain sources. Every table and graph shows where the data came from, and over what time period. If you have any questions about how and when the data was recorded, please refer to the source.

In most cases, the data has been further selected, standardized, processed and summarized by WorldClimate.Com. Generally this involves averaging the valid data over a range of years, but sometimes the processing is more complex.

If there is any doubt about the accuracy of the data, you should check the source data.

What Data Is Online, and What's Coming Next

So far, around 85,000 climate records are online for tens of thousands of places around the world. These include temperature (various measures), rainfall and pressure.

Plans over the coming months include a better collection of non-US data (at the moment it's a bit patchy, especially in Europe). Also planned are some (not totally global) snow, sunshine, humidity and wind data. The searches will be added to and improved, and the place names corrected and standardized where possible.

Who Created WorldClimate.Com?

WorldClimate.Com was the part-time creation of one person, computer consultant Robert Hoare. It was sold in 2012.

Awards, Reviews, Ratings

NEWSBYTES Internet Update 09/20/96
TOKYO, JAPAN, 1996 SEP 20 (NB) -- By Martyn Williams.
World Climate Data
"Sometimes, but not often, a Web site comes to our attention that is truely impressive, both in the variety and depth of information presented and its usefulness. This is one such site and the best thing is, it's still only in its early stages. You can find some basic climate data, such as mean monthly temperature and rainfall for 4,500 locations around the world. Another 4,000 locations are promised as is more data sets for each of the locations. Finding a location is also very easy via a well-designed search engine." (Many more than 4,000 places were added since this review, but still more to come!)

Press-Enterprise Online Traveler (Riverside, CA)
"Average monthly high and low temperatures would be even better than the monthly mean average that is offered, but this site is still a gem." (Minimum and Maximums added since this review)

Awarded The Too Cool Award on 11-27-96.

Awarded Coolcentral Cool Site of the Hour on 11-27-96 10am PST.

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