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Vermont car insurance

It is very important that drivers in Vermont understand the laws and regulations that have been set forth for insurance. All drivers in the State of Vermont are required to carry liability insurance. Not only is it important for drivers to understand the laws that are required for carrying Vermont auto insurance, but they should also factor in the driving conditions in the state and the penalties that are involved if they do not heed the laws. Having the correct amount of coverage can protect drivers in the event of an auto accident and even against auto theft. Without proper insurance, a driver is taking a great amount of risk that could be avoided.

Driving statistics in Vermont

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are a part of life, but some states tend to have more accidents and more fatalities. In Vermont, the yearly auto accident totals have been slowly declining. Vermont normally averages around 28,000 auto accidents per year statewide. These numbers are very close to the national average. Vermont is not on one of the most dangerous driving lists and recent studies show that the numbers continue to come down.

Road Conditions

The driving conditions are pretty fair in Vermont. Most of the roads are straightaways with little curves. Traffic is normally fairly mild in most areas of Vermont through the suburbs and more rural areas. Some areas are more urban and have large amounts of traffic, especially in the larger cities. Drivers in these areas can avoid traffic accidents more if they stay alert and follow the rules of the road.

Seatbelt Usage

Seatbelts save lives. Everyone knows that wearing a seatbelt can reduce the chances of death in an automobile accident. Most states enforce seatbelt usage, and Vermont is no different in this regard. Vermont is not a primary enforcement state, which means that officers cannot issue a driver a ticket simply for not wearing their seatbelts or having an occupant not wearing a seatbelt. This does not mean that a citation will not be written if the driver is stopped for other reasons. The driver is responsible for making sure that every occupant under the age of 18 buckles up. They can receive a fine for each occupant that is not wearing a safety belt and is under the age of 18. If an occupant is over 18, they will be issued their own citation. The State of Vermont ranks number 25th out of 50 for seatbelt use. Around 80% of drivers buckle up when driving.

Auto Theft

The crime rates in Vermont for auto theft have slowly been decreasing. In the year 2000, they were at 800 and in the year 2010 they had fallen to 441. Sports cars are near the top of the list of stolen cars. Adding to auto theft rates are drivers who leave their valuables in plain sight and those who leave their doors unlocked. It is vital that vehicle owners become proactive in preventing auto theft by following common sense rules that can stop auto thieves.

The top Three Stolen Cars in Vermont

1. The Chevrolet s-10 pickup

2. The Ford Taurus

3. The Subaru Legacy

Insurance Laws in Vermont

Every driver in the State of Vermont must have liability insurance. When a driver goes to register a vehicle for the first time, the Vermont DMV will check electronically to be sure that the proper insurance is in place before they will issue a registration for the vehicle. If a driver is stopped by an officer, he must provide proof of insurance. If he fails to provide proof, he can risk a citation. Once a citation has been given, the driver has thirty days to provide proof of insurance or he may have his license suspended.

Presently, the minimum requirements for Vermont car insurance coverage are $25,000 for injury and death of a single person, $50,000 for injury or death of two, and $10,000 for property damage. The requirements must be in place as long as the vehicle is on Vermont roads, or stiff penalties can occur.


When a violation of the insurance laws occurs, the driver will be issued a citation and possibly have points placed against his license. The driver must also pay reinstatement fees and provide proof of insurance coverage before being allowed to register the vehicle again. The driver may also be required to fill out financial responsibility insurance with the Vermont DMV. This allows for personal coverage for the driver to drive any vehicle, but does not cover the vehicle itself. It is important that drivers understand that they are breaking the law if they fail to have coverage. This is a risk that most drivers want to avoid.

The following insurance companies operate in Vermont:



Farmers Group

State Farm



There are also many local insurance offices that can help to meet the needs of Vermont citizens. Most of these insurance companies allow drivers to check their rates online and get free Vermont car insurance quotes. This is the easiest way to compare insurance companies to get Vermont cheap auto insurance rates and free Vermont auto insurance quotes. There are so many companies that offer Vermont cheap car insurance. It is important to check with the Better Business Bureau before working with any insurance company to be sure that the company has good Vermont car insurance ratings. The BBB can give detailed information so that the driver knows the Vermont auto insurance ratings given are factual.

The Average Monthly Premiums for Insurance

The average monthly premiums for most auto insurance policies in Vermont are around $109 per month. These premiums will go up if a driver is inexperienced or has points against his license. Making sure that the driver is covered with the proper amount of insurance can help prevent breaking the law and incurring large fees and penalties.

This information should help drivers in Vermont understand some of the laws and regulations for the state so that they can begin shopping for their insurance policy and be sure that they have adequate coverage. For more reading, the Vermont Insurance Division for the Department of Regulation has a wealth of information regarding insurance laws and penalties. It is important to refer to this site where factual information can be given on the insurance laws for the state.

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