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Florida car insurance

The state of Florida has many laws and procedures when it comes to its drivers being insured with liability auto insurance. Liability insurance is required for all drivers. Drivers in the State of Florida must understand the laws so that they can avoid having issues with their Florida car insurance coverage. Not only is it important to understand the laws for insurance, but it is also important to understand the driving statistics and dangers in the state. Insurance covers not only accidents, but auto theft as well.

Driving Statistics in Florida

Auto Theft

The state of Florida is known for its crime rates, especially in the large cities. Auto theft is a fact of life in large metropolitan areas. Florida has a bad rap for its auto theft, when in fact; the auto theft numbers have been dropping rapidly for years now. In the year 2000, there were 89,181 auto thefts compared to 41,462 in 2010. That is over a 50% decline. It is important that vehicle owners understand the common sense rules for keeping their vehicles from being stolen. Owners should lock up their vehicles and remove valuables, or at least keep them out of plain sight. The majority of auto thefts occur in those vehicles that are on the high-end of value. Cars that have been modified with customization also top the list. Owners can continue to lower their risks for auto theft by following some simple safety precautions.

The Top Three Stolen Cars in Florida

1. The Honda Accord

2. The Toyota Camry

3. The Ford F-150

Seatbelt Usage

Seatbelt usage is another driving statistic that is important to note. The law requires drivers and passengers in the front seat to wear a safety belt. Back seat passengers over the age of 18 are not required to wear seatbelts, but all passengers under the age of 18 are required to wear them. Seatbelt use in the state has steadily been rising. In 2005, only 73.9% of drivers wore seatbelts. In 2011, this rose to 88.1%. Wearing a seatbelt is one of the biggest deterrents to death by vehicle accident. The penalty for not wearing a seatbelt is $30 for adults and $60 for children who are not restrained.

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents occur quite often in Florida. In 2010, there were 235,461 traffic accidents reported. Out of those crashes, 2,444 had fatalities. These numbers are down quite a bit from previous years and recent reports show that the percentages are continuing a slow decline. Following the rules of the road and using proactive strategies can help to prevent car accidents. Safety precautions are crucial on the roads of Florida.

Road Conditions

The road conditions in Florida are often very busy. Most of the cities and large towns in Florida are big tourist attractions. In the busy season, traffic pileups are common. Drivers can avoid road rage and other issues by driving with patience and giving themselves extra time to reach their destinations. Incidents of reckless driving, drunk driving, and driving while impaired occur more often in peak season, so drivers must be extra careful.

Understanding the Insurance Laws

Most states have insurance laws to protect drivers; Florida is no different. The minimum insurance requirements are $10,000 for personal injury protection and $10,000 for property damage. Vehicles that are registered in the State of Florida are required to be covered by a Florida auto insurance company. If a driver fails to keep insurance on their vehicle, the Florida DMV has the right to suspend the license, registration, and plates of the driver for up to three years, or until the driver provides valid proof of insurance. If a driver loses their driver's license due to not having insurance, they will be required to pay a reinstatement fee of $150 to $500. Fees will also be incurred for the registration and plate reinstatement.

Insurance Companies in Florida

There are numerous insurance companies in Florida that can provide drivers with the coverage they need. Most of these companies offer free Florida car insurance quotes online so that drivers can compare the rates of different companies. Comparing prices is the easiest way to find Florida cheap car insurance.

Insurance companies in Florida include:




State Farm


The General

It is important that drivers check out different Florida auto insurance quotes from several companies to be sure that they are getting the best policy. Drivers can also check with the Better Business Bureau to be sure that the insurance company has no fraudulent claims against it. This allows drivers to review different Florida auto insurance ratings so that they are making an informed choice on both quality and cost.

Average Premium Costs in Florida

According to the Insurance Information Institute, Florida is the 5th most expensive auto insurance state. The average insurance premiums per driver each year are around $1,043. Though these premiums are greater than the national average, Florida residents can still find good prices on insurance through the hundreds of insurance companies that are located throughout the state. Checking with some of the local agencies can help drivers find Florida cheap auto insurance.

The premium rates will go up for inexperienced drivers or those who have points against their licenses. A driver is considered inexperienced if they have less than five years of driving history. Driver who avoid traffic citations and follow safe driving practices can avoid hikes in premium rates. Since points take three years to be removed from a license, it is important that drivers heed the rules of the road and prevent themselves from accumulating traffic violations and tickets. Avoiding points can help to keep insurance premiums at a manageable level. Florida car insurance ratings can help drivers save money as well.

This information should give drivers a good understanding of the laws and regulations for insurance in the State of Florida. Drivers can find more information on the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation website. The site provides complete information on all of the insurance laws and regulations. Drivers should review this information and become familiar with all of the laws and regulations so that they can avoid penalties.

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